Liza Dixon ⚡️

Usability Engineer, MSc. Advocate for human-centered automation 🚘 Passionate about tech, design, science & #autonowashing. Eat plants🌱

Liza Dixon, M.Sc. (@lizadixon) is an American researcher of human-machine interaction in automated driving based in Germany.

After pivoting her career from the fine jewelry industry to the automotive industry, Liza moved to Germany where she received her Master of Science in Usability Engineering. She has studied the hardware, software, development, and human factors issues surrounding automated driving and is a vocal advocate for human-centered automation. Her research is concerned with the safe use of vehicle automation and focuses on interaction problems in partial and semi-autonomous systems, and the methods used to analyze trust in automation.

In her latest publication, Autonowashing: The Greenwashing of Vehicle Automation, Dixon coins the term “autonowashing”, or the practice of making unverified or misleading claims which misrepresent the appropriate level of human supervision required by a partially or semi-autonomous product, service, or technology. She will soon begin a PhD with an industry partner in Germany.