liat benzur

Disruptin' Connectin' Definin'. Wearables, mHealth, smarthome: alignin'. SVP @philips IoT's my science. Co-founder @AllSeenAlliance. Join my defiance.

Liat Ben-Zur is a senior vice president and digital technology leader at Philips. She is responsible for driving connected digital platforms and propositions with the aim of delivering truly meaningful innovation across the health continuum.

Liat is passionate about evolving into the healthcare system with connected devices, from medical devices to everyday consumer gadgets. She has been named as "One of the Fifty Most Inspirational Women in Technology in the Netherlands 2017". She believes data and analytics are the future of continuous care and at the heart of changing our medical system from being reactive to proactive.

Prior to her current role, Liat was a Chairwoman and coFounder of the AllSeen Alliance, a cross-industry consortium driving an open-source language for IoT. Liat has also been known to write tech-centric raps. She is the founder of Geek Sheek Beats which helps to bridge companies with contemporary culture via authentic, credible, and original music and videos.