Kathryn Myronuk

Knowledge Sommelier | Synthesis & Convergence Faculty Lead @singularityu

Kathryn is a primer in Exponential Technologies. She was named as one of The Top 7 Tech Heroes to Watch in 2015 by CNN. She is a leading expert on growing technologies and the synthesis of the broad set of related fields of the Singularity movement. Kathryn is also a founding staff member at Singularity University at NASA Research Park. Her expertise ranges from Economics, Technology, Exponential Curriculum, Moore's Law and much more.

Kathryn has spoken about exponentials and convergence as WiredUK, California STEM Summit, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Idaho National Labs. She will also be speaking at TNW Conference 2017 where she is going to talk about Convergence Lessons from Silicon Valley.

This new mindset of problem-solving - based on rapidly changing technology and interdisciplinary thinking - lets small teams accomplish large-scale results and change the world. During TNW Conference, you'll be able to know examples and learn patterns about these mindsets.