Joy Buolamwini

Founder Algorithmic Justice League @AJLUnited | TED Featured Talk - - Warrior Artist, Computer Scientist

A poet of code and AI researcher motivated by personal experiences of algorithmic discrimination, Joy shared her story in a TED featured Talk that has over 1.2 million views and launched the Algorithmic Justice League.

We now live in a world where AI governs access to information, opportunity and freedom. However, AI systems can perpetuate racism, sexism, ableism, and other harmful forms of discrimination, therefore, presenting significant threats to our society - from healthcare, to economic opportunity, to our criminal justice system.

The Algorithmic Justice League is an organization that combines art and research to illuminate the social implications and harms of artificial intelligence. AJL’s mission is to raise public awareness about the impacts of AI, equip advocates with empirical research to bolster campaigns, build the voice and choice of most impacted communities, and galvanize researchers, policymakers, and industry practitioners to mitigate AI bias and harms.