Esther Dyson

Internet court jEsther -- I occupy Esther Dyson. Executive founder @WaytoWellville

Esther Dyson is best known as a tech leader and angel investor, but she is now responding to her own question: "We know we can save money and keep people healthy by investing in health upfront (instead of spending on care), so why don’t we?"

Her answer is Wellville, a nonprofit evidence-generating project devoted to defining and refining models for cultivating community health that returns profits to investors and health to the participants and their communities. Aside from that full-time role, Dyson spends her extra time investing in and nurturing start-ups, with a recent focus on health care.

She would love to answer questions about health, healthcare, economics, and of course anything about the five Wellville communities. On top of that, Esther will also be speaking in TNW New York >