Stoned Adulterer

VR Porn Queen, TEDx speaker, Ex-librarian, Slytherin, Chaotic Good, amateur roboticist @Xbiz Crossover Star of the Year 2018 Press etc: [email protected]

Ela Darling is the world’s first Virtual Reality cam girl and the leading voice in the intersection of Virtual Reality and Adult Film. She co-founded, the world's first Virtual Reality webcam platform and the first creator of XXX holographic VR porn. She is currently the head of CAM4VR, which is the latest iteration of her live VR webcam platform. After earning a Master’s degree at the age of 21 and transitioning from a career as a Reference Librarian, Ela has spent the last 8.5 years as a feminist, porn performer, and political activist. She builds small arduino robots and binaural microphones in her spare time and identifies as Chaotic Good.