Chris Stokel-Walker

Editor @MediumFFWD. Author of YouTubers, journalist for @bbcnews @nytimes @WiredUK. Panelist, speaker, host. Likes internet culture. Email me: [email protected]

Chris Stokel-Walker is a British journalist whose work regularly appears in WIRED, The Economist and The New York Times. The editor of FFWD, he is known for breaking major news about YouTube and often reports on the site for television, radio and podcasts.

For his first book ’YouTubers: How YouTube Shook Up TV and Created a New Generation of Stars,’ published in May 2019, Stokel-Walker looks at the lives of prominent content creators, such as KSI and Emma Blackery, who make a living on the platform. As well as this, he explores the impact of the streaming platform on society at large. He travelled around the world, attending YouTube events and speaking to behind-the-camera producers.

Two billion people now watch YouTube. Yet stars such as KSI and PewDiePie mystify many. What is the secret of their appeal? How do they cope with being in front of the lens? And who is behind their success?