Brie Code ☄️

CEO @truluvmedia | #SelfCare ?? Apple #Bestof2018 | Prev. Ubisoft AI lead | What is AI designed by artists and witches? Exploring this. | she/they

Brie Code is the founder and CEO of TRU LUV, a Toronto-based startup changing our relationship with technology. TRU LUV makes AI companions. These are not personal assistants, nor apps nor games, but a new category of human-computer interaction that feels more like friendship. TRU LUV’s first experimental companion, #SelfCare, was one of Apple’s Best of 2018 Trends of the Year selections.

Brie spent 2016-17 traveling to consult with games studios, speak at games and tech events, and discuss interactive media with game developers, artists, social entrepreneurs and people who find video games boring. She wrote about some of her ideas for Previously she was a lead programmer at Ubisoft on the soft, ethereal game Child of Light and three Assassin's Creed games. She started her career writing AI code. If you've played Company of Heroes against the AI, you're playing against Brie and one of her colleagues.