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andy dubbin

crottle eyed man with squeans and a spurl. editor @botnikstudios.

Nat Towsen

Writer/Editor: @BotnikStudios ␇ Host: @DowntownVariety at @UCBTNY East & The @rateNsubscribe Podcast ␇ Director: @UCBCorpsNY ␇ he/him

Jonah Spooker

Video/Writing for @botnikstudios comedian, calendar model, america's most huggable bachelor mostly he/him

Grant Mulitz (now in a can!)

some punk kid. software/comedy doer. contributor @funnyordie @pitchjokes @botnikstudios. forever @cunooz

Elle O'Brien

Scientist and science writer. Works at @botnikstudios and @UW. Just bootstrap it.

Amy Barnes

@comedywire @pitchjokes @botnikstudios @sfk_multimedia @thebillfold @CRAFTLiterary @Narratively @Ink_Nebula @apttherapy @Forbes contributor #binders

Tom Koff

Writer @botnikstudios.


after all these years, I've resigned myself to the fact that the Venga bus is never coming performer/writer @theradmotel | musician | writer @botnikstudios

Ms. Hell Spies

Former Onion Fellow, currently contributing to both @TheOnion & @Clickhole. Freelance @OnionLabs. | Staff writer @botnikstudios | Also @mcsweeneys

Jamie Brew

ceo @botnikstudios | [email protected]

Tim Joyce

Music maker, food cooker, podcast producer, instrument seller, @botnikstudios contributor, and hammock lover

Botnik is a community of writers, artists, and developers using machines to create things on and off the internet. Botnik Studios is an entertainment group devoted to displaying the work of the larger community.

The Botnik team is joining us to take questions on their work!